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Wellness Riant d'Eau is located on the seafront 188 "promenade" of Blankenberge.
Acces to the wellness is via the main entrance of “Hotel Riant Sejour” where reception will be happy to help in your way.

By Car:
Seawall 188 to 8370 Blankenberge.

For your information parking meters are compulsary every saterday and Sunday all national holidays and Belgian school holidays.(paying 9u00- 19.00)

By tram:
Stop Blankenberge PIER 3-minute walk from the spa.

By train:
Blankenberge station is 10 minutes walk from the spa.
If you walk out of the station, the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights and straight ahead, past the bank ING follow this street. Then follow the tram tracks to the right rotates, follow Jules de Troozlaan until it takes a slight curve. Across the street (left) you will see Ronny frying because the street strokes and up the stairs next to the frying Ronny. The slope in front of you and end up on the sea wall to the left.

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